Carolyn N. Stanworth

Carolyn has thirty-five years of experience in leading and motivating teams to achieve more than they think they can; most recently in her eight years as President and Chief Executive Officer following ten years as Chief Financial Officer at BL Companies, Inc. (an Architecture, Engineering, Environmental, Land Surveying firm).

She led the financial and cultural shift of BL Companies from a firm owned by a few owners to a partnership, to a 70% ESOP in 2006 and ultimately to 100% ESOP in 2011.  By becoming employee owned through an ESOP, Carolyn felt it would make the firm stronger in the long term by having all employees engaged in the business and to share in the rewards.  As part of the ESOP, a “Principal” program” (e.g., profit share) was included to drive performance at the senior levels that is designed to benefit all employee owners’ ESOP accounts. 

Carolyn likes to spend time fishing on her boat on the Long Island Sound as time permits (she admits that some days are more fishing than catching).  She also serves as an “angel” for the Soldiers Angel organization by adopting service people during their tours of duty in combat.  She believes that their service allows us to enjoy our freedoms and to be able to choose what we do.  She enjoys time with her two adult daughters, and is most recently the proud grandmother of two granddaughters (with her most prestigious career title of “Mimi”).