Rod C. Hoffman, PE

Mr. Rod Hoffman is co-founder of S & H Consulting, a management consulting firm with expertise in leadership development, strategic planning, change management, and business development/marketing. Mr. Hoffman serves as CEO where he works with firms to develop national and international business strategies for the future. Rod is a PE in Colorado and holds a BS in Construction Engineering (1982) and Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering (1985) from Iowa State University. Rod has over 32 years of experience with a broad-base of expertise ranging from designing small municipal projects to managing large, international airport design and construction work.

Most recently, Rod has embarked on a multi-year study of A/E firms that have successfully transitioned top leadership, some in to their fourth generation of change. The results are published with co-authors Kyle Davy, Geordie and David Aitken in the book “The Leadership Succession Lifecycle in Best Practice Firms”. 

During his career he worked on the roadway system, parking management and revenue control system at Denver International Airport. The project included its own transportation network, power distribution and back-up, water distribution systems, sewer collection and unique aspects like glycol recycling from deicing operations and complicated tolling for massive parking areas.  His work there spanned 15 years including siting the entire airport footprint, designing all on-site access roads and parking, and relocating the original toll plazas to their current areas adjacent to the parking facilities.