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Engineer's Week: Catherine Chinni
Catherine Chinni

Meet some of our Wilson & Company family during Engineer's Week 2018:

Catherine Chinni

  1. What about the environmental profession attracted you? Why did you first get into engineering?
    I wanted to make a difference in the world while wanting to be in a detailed work environment with daily challenges. 
  2. Does the environmental profession run in your family? Or do you have a mentor/friend/etc that inspired you? Tell me more.  
    No, I didn’t know anyone in the field, so I had no mentors to speak with prior to pursing an environmental profession. I recycled and assisted in earth friendly initiatives during school growing up and efforts to lesson impacts. I worked through college mostly in a research library and a law enforcement division and wanted to find a career that allowed me the same opportunities in research and attention to detail with diversity daily. I started with a state agency in Texas where work required the review of regulations while ensuring compliance with regulations for each project I reviewed, have enjoyed it ever since.    
  3. What is your favorite project you have worked on?
    I’ve been working on a project with Texas Deepwater Partners since starting at Wilson. I have enjoyed the level of detail and questions the client has provided and the opportunity to assist them with their environmental permitting needs.