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Heartfelt thank you, from Texas
Heartfelt thank you, from Texas
“Houston, we have a problem”, as the quote goes.
Well in Texas, from our offices in Corpus Christi to Houston, we really have a problem with Hurricane Harvey. Flooding rain water coming down, flooding backwater coming up, and winds in excess of 100 mph… yes, indeed we have a problem.
Through it all we had a constant stream of texts and emails between friends, families, clients, the office staff, and many, many others within Wilson & Company. Keeping up with responses to let others know that everyone was safe was a challenge. A humbling challenge that showed that the people we work with and within our firm care for each other. I don’t believe there was a single office that did not check on us through the duration of the storm.
Although everyone is safe, we have employees that received significant damage to their homes and vehicles. It will take a long time to repair the damage, and while the visible evidence of the storm will fade, the thoughts and prayers from everyone will never be forgotten.
Was this Higher Relationships in action? Yeah, I think so.
Letter from Jimmy Anderson, Energy Services, Houston