10th and Sheridan Station - Denver, CO

The FasTracks Sheridan light rail station is located on RTD’s West Corridor light rail line in Lakewood Gulch near the intersection of 12th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard. The station lies at the boundary between the City of Lakewood and the City and County of Denver. The West Corridor will link Lakewood and Jefferson County with Downtown Denver and tie into the future FasTracks system of rapid transit corridors.

The station platform is located under a newly constructed Sheridan Boulevard bridge adjacent to an 800 space park-n-Ride structure at 10th Avenue and Sheridan. Both the new bridge and park-n-Ride are built as part of FasTracks.  

Services Provided 

Wilson & Company staff was involved in the production of 30% infrastructure plans for the Urban Land Conservancy.These plans were used for negotiations with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), and ultimately resulted in a regional detention water quality facility.