Anapra Phase II – Flood Control Pump Station

Anapra is west of the Rio Grande, on the border of the U.S. state of New Mexico. It is one of the poorest communities within the city, which was incorporated as part of Sunland Park, New Mexico. Anapra has been subject to reoccurring flooding over the years. Approximately 100 residential homes experience flooding, which is served by the Anapra Pump Station. Significant runoff is generated by a bi-national watershed located south of NM 273. This runoff overwhelms the existing drainage facilities in the relatively flat areas that encompass the City, resulting in 1-3-ft flooding depths that damage public and private property. Lowering Calle Diaz will increase the Anapa Flood Control Pump Station wet well storage volume, reduce inundation area, and reduce risk. Reduction of street inundation also reduces vehicular hydroplaning risk and enhances human health and safety.

In 2016, the City retained Wilson & Company to prepare a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for the Anapra Pump Station Rehabilitation. Since then, we have completed Phase I of the flood control project, which included a new wet-well, duplex pumps, controls, power service, and intake pond grading.  City Council has directed staff to continue with the planned phases identified in the PER, which includes the reconstruction of Calle Diaz and Calle Morroco, each residential street serving as a surface collection and conveyance channel into the Anapra Pump Station and Pond. Our team, working with key partners including the South-Central Council of Governments and Camino Real Regional Utility Authority (CRRUA), have assisted the City of Sunland Park with applying for funding from the New Mexico Finance Authority’s Colonias Infrastructure Fund (CIF) program. The CIF program provides funding for Colonia-recognized communities in Southern New Mexico that lack basic infrastructure for water and wastewater, solid waste disposal, flood and drainage control, roads, and housing. In 2020, the City was awarded $1,209,639 in project funding with 90% being grant and 10% loan.

City of Sunland Park