Arizona Parkway Interchange/Intersection - Maricopa County, AZ

The Maricopa County Department of Transportation adopted a new type of roadway facility in its long-range transportation plan: the "Arizona Parkway." The facility differs from typical roadways and parkways because left-turns are prohibited at intersections.

As a result of our in depth operational analysis, we conceived a unique design specifically for the intersection of high-volume, parkway-to-parkway interchanges: the Parkway Grade Separated Interchange (PGSI). 

The PGSI accommodates freeway level traffic volumes while maintaining simple two-phase signalization. It represents the lowest cost interchange alternative and offers a smaller right-of-way footprint, shorter delay times, and fewer conflict points. This design has been recommended at 14 locations in the West Valley and provides a guide for right-of-way preservation for Maricopa County. It also has potential for other local, statewide, and national applications.

Services Provided 

Wilson & Company was contracted to produce a recommended system plan defining the number of required lanes and intersection configurations for the future network in Phoenix's West Valley. 


2009 ACEC Arizona Honor Award