Cabezon Communities at Rio Rancho, Unit 16 West Redevelopment Project - Rio Rancho, NM

The Cabezon Communities project was initiated by the City of Rio Rancho to redevelop approximately 900 acres. The City contracted with Curb Inc. as the developers, Wilson & Company was retained by Curb North Inc. to provide engineering master planning and infrastructure design. 

The 900-acre area was divided into 21 individual tracts of land incorporating:

  • Single family residential housing
  • Multi-family housing, commercial areas
  • A school site
  • A wastewater treatment facility
  • Over 60 acres of parks and open space
City of Rio Rancho
Services Provided 

The infrastructure designed by Wilson & Company includes approximately:

  • 7,000 feet of major arterial six-lane roadway
  • 7,000 feet of minor arterial four-lane roadway
  • 6,000 feet of local collector roadway
  • 30,000 feet of sanitary sewer
  • 20,000 feet of water distribution piping
  • 12,000 feet of storm sewer piping ranging from 36-inch to 92-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe

Major design feature:

  • 9,000-foot-long by 140-foot-wide linear park irrigated with reclaimed wastewater from the new state-of-the-art facility being built