Cabezon Water Reclamation Facility Expansion - Rio Rancho, NM

The Cabezon Wastewater Treatment Plant #6 Expansion from 0.6 MGD to 1.2 MGD is a critical component in the implementation of the City of Rio Rancho’s Effluent Reuse Master Plan to conserve limited potable water resources.

When all of the reuse systems are complete, the treated effluent will be used to irrigate local schools, golf courses, parks, and landscaped areas. During non-irrigation seasons the City will re-inject the treated effluent back into the aquifer to help sustain the City’s water supply.

Wilson & Company utilized innovative designs and materials to provide a solution to pipe deterioration in the dry pits at the membrane tanks. Removable translucent roof assemblies were designed to cover the existing open dry-pits. The roof assemblies retain heat to prevent freeze-thaw issues, allow natural light in, and are completely removable to facilitate serviceability and removal of pumps, valves, and other equipment from the dry-pits. 

City of Rio Rancho

2014 New Mexico American Council of Engineering Excellence (ACEC) Award Winning project.