Cochiti Reservoir Historical Baseline Mapping - Sandoval County, NM

Wilson & Company completed a special study to determine sediment deposition and distribution trends in Cochiti Reservoir and upstream within the Rio Grande channel in New Mexico.

The project was designed so that future geospatial data, from a variety of technologies, can be integrated into this geodatabase to visualize and quantify changes in the sedimentation environment. Extensive documentation of the techniques and data sources, with metadata and a detailed report, will support use of this data for current and future efforts.

This project was completed in numerous phases utilizing a variety of current and historical data to show sedimentation impacts over the life of the reservoir. Each phase built upon previous iterations and involved collaboration with specialists at United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to identify needs and propose solutions.

After consultation with specialists at USACE, the aerial photography was used to interpolate riverbed DTM’s between the range line surveys of different dates, providing a unique perspective for the comparative analysis. 

Services Provided 

Combining our experience with the expertise of USACE, we created a comprehensive geodatabase. This involved:

  • Acquisition
  • Formatting
  • Integration of multi-temporal, multi-sensor survey and geospatial technologies into composite Digital Terrain Models (DTM), ArcTIN’s, and color graphics for comparative purposes

Along with pre-existing data supplied by USACE, we performed:

  • New field survey
  • Photogrammetric mapping,
  • Digital orthophoto,
  • Digital aerial photography, and
  • Aerial topographic LiDAR in support of this effort 
  • 2015 ACEC of NM Engineering Excellence Award, Surveying & Mapping Technology
  • MAPPS 2014 – Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Award