Construction Management and Oversight for Montoyas Arroyo Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project - Rio Rancho, NM

Wilson & Company provided construction phase services to replace 4,470 linear feet of 15 inch sanitary sewer with of 30 inch sanitary sewer in the Montoyas Arroyo.

Due to construction within the limits of the arroyo, coordination with the local flood control authority and adherence to the US Army Corps of Engineers 404 permit were required.

The sanitary sewer system was unique in that it was fused HDPE pipe with sealed man-ways and manholes to prevent inundation and contamination of the arroyo during storm events. During construction, particular importance was given to observation in how the HDPE pipe and manholes were handled.

Services Provided 
  • Project engineers attended weekly progress meetings
  • Reviewed shop drawing submittal and substitute item requests
  • Responded to requests for information
  • Issued field revisions
  • Performed construction observation in conjunction with the City’s resident project representative 
  • Conducted substantial and final inspections
  • Following completion of construction, we prepared record drawings based on the contractors’ field mark-ups