I-435 LiDAR Mapping - Jackson County, MO

Sometimes a team provides solutions beyond the capabilities of individual members, resulting in enhanced services and successes that benefit client needs. Advanced processing techniques reduced the mountain of LiDAR data into its significant components for easy ingestion into MODOT’s CADD environment.

Wilson & Company collaborated with Metro Geospatial to fuse data acquisition strengths for the benefit of Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). Metro Geospatial acquired imagery and high density LiDAR data from their helicopter based HALIS® system. The mapping corridor is approximately 2.5-miles long and ties into existing mapping data

Specified deliverables:

  • Digital mapping files delivered to MoDOT CADD specifications, with the appropriate MoDOT feature code in ASCII “cor” file format
  • Surface models in Geopak
Services Provided 
  • (ABGPS) and ground control support
  • Orthophoto processing
  • LiDAR classification
  • Vector extraction