Koch Pipeline Project - Midway to Ingleside, TX

Wilson & Company conducted the design, property, construction, and as-built survey for 23.6 miles of new 16-inch crude oil pipeline, in conjunction with pipeline design from an existing terminal to a new site.

The existing Midway site was expanded to accommodate piping, launcher, metering, cable trays for additional electrical and controls and connections to sump/drain. Design also included metering and adding to the existing 10-inch pipeline.

Services Provided 

Design services included:

  • Grading and finishing plan for newly developed site at Ingleside, which also accommodates the receiver
  • Piping
  • Metering including basket strainers
  • Buried cables for electrical and controls
  • Switch rack and new power access to facility
  • Pipeline design included mainline valves, directional drills, alignment sheets, crossing permits, plats and a hydraulic profile