La Tierra Trails Master Plan - Santa Fe, NM

The La Tierra Trails Master Plan included a complete and in depth study that mapped all existing trails in the quadrant to determine needs. The report identified if sections of existing trails need to be re-routed, or re-designed, and where new trails need to be added, and which existing trails should be closed.

The plan gave standards for trail design, signage, parking areas, fencing, trail maintenance, trail closure procedures, trailheads and all other amenities that would be used in the area and also where these items need to be placed in the area. Where possible, all new trails and improvements would be constructed in already disturbed areas, surface treatments were to be natural earth or base course to minimize runoff.  Area included ATV/MX trails, Multi-Use Trails, Skills Park, Shade Structures, Picnic Areas, Pedestrian Bridges and Parking areas.  


2015 ACEC NM Engineering Excellence Award, Special Projects