Landslide On-Site Surveying for Track Restoration - Oakridge, OR

In a remote area of the Willamette National Forest, a massive slippage of mud, trees, and rocks wiped out a side of Coyote Mountain and took 1,600-feet of critical Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) track with it. As part of an on-call contract with UPRR, Wilson & Company was tasked with surveying the area as quickly as possible so engineers could restore service. Our team set new control in areas where rock had stabilized the new rail bed. Throughout the duration, monitoring the network remained a challenge. Surveyors had to utilize GPS, GLONASS, and RTK. In areas where there was no GPS coverage, total stations were used instead. Photogrammetry was used to map the quantities of earth in the area, allowing the construction crews to perform earthwork. Special flight and control planning was performed for a heavily forested steep mountainside with a 2,000-foot relief.