Los Alamos Construction Inspection Services - Los Alamos, NM

Wilson & Company has been providing construction related services to Los Alamos County since 2008. We provide additional staff resources above what the County has, and deliver a wide range of services, including project inspection, field materials testing, and construction management.

All roadway inspection staff is certified by ACNM/TTCP and is able to perform field materials testing. We also have two building inspectors in Los Alamos. All together, we have a staff of six with a combined 130 years of inspection/project management experience.

Roadway projects include:

  • Diamond Drive Phase 1
  • Diamond Drive Phase 2
  • Diamond Drive Phase 3
  • Diamond Drive Phase 4
  • Grand Canyon Roadway Improvements
  • Camp May Roadway Improvements
  • Barranca Mesa Drainage Improvement
  • Eastern Area Roadway Improvements

Building projects include:

  • Judicial Complex
  • White Rock Fire Station
  • Eco/Solid Waste Station
  • Airport Basin Facility
Los Alamos County