Roosevelt Bridge Replacement Phase I

Grants, New Mexico is an old mining and logging community with a rich history and incredible outdoor landscapes. Plagued with a floodplain that blankets most of the City, officials have been working diligently to address flooding and ultimate reduction in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) FIRM floodplain. Since 2010, Wilson & Company has worked closely with the City to upsize the major flood control conveyance structure throughout the City, in anticipation of future large channel improvements of both the Rio San Jose and Grants Arroyo. 

In 2020, the team assisted the City of Grants in applying for funding through the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s (NMDOT) Municipal Arterial Program (MAP). The project includes construction and construction management for the Roosevelt Bridge replacement, Grants Arroyo grade control structure, approach roadway reconstruction, and drainage improvements. Improvements include full-depth asphalt replacement, curb & gutter, sidewalk, and ADA wheelchair ramps. The drainage improvements include curb inlets, storm drain, and outfall erosion stabilization. The City successfully secured a grant from the NMDOT in the amount of $691,359.00 for the project. Following this grade control structure construction, the City will continue with designing of the Roosevelt Bridge over the Grants Arroyo along with securing funding for the new bridge replacement. These improvements are quickly positioning the City to commence trail planning, design, and construction, positioning the City to capture more of the Outdoor Recreational Economy.

City of Grants, NM