Test Development & Training Center - Peterson AFB, Colorado

Wilson & Company provided engineering design for this 46,000 SF data processing facility, which serves as a training center for personnel, as well as the site for software development.

Features include:

  • Reinforced concrete basement and two stories above ground with metal sandwich panel siding and concrete floors on a structural steel frame
  • Special security features - automated closed circuit TV system and intrusion detection system to safeguard sophisticated computer network
  • Computer facilities required EMF shielding and stringent temperature and humidity control
  • FIPS Publication Number 94 guidelines were followed for design of the raised floor, power, and grounding systems
  • Short circuit, voltage drop, and coordination studies
  • Lighting systema provide glare control and RFI shielding
  • Interior design includes pleasurable lighting variation, room sizes, system room furniture, and enhanced colors in accordance with new Albuquerque District of the US Army of the Corps of Engineers (USACE) standards