Two Rivers Digital Elevation Data Acquisition - Roswell, NM

The Albuquerque District of the US Army of the Corps of Engineers (USACE) needed to collect elevation data and create a digital elevation model derived from LiDAR for the Two Rivers Reservoir.

Wilson & Company acquired approximately 59 square miles of LiDAR data below the reservoir and west of the town of Roswell utilizing ABGPS and IMU technologies.

Prior to commencement of the data collection, we prepared a quality control plan as well as a survey control plan which identified the primary control monuments utilized during the LiDAR collection and check points on the ground for validation along with drainage cross-sections of the drainage channel. 

US Army of the Corps of Engineers
Services Provided 
  • 5,000-foot by 5,000-foot tiles for contour products
  • 2,500-foot by 2,500-foot size tiles for LiDAR products
  • ESRI-formatted TINs
  • DEM grids
  • Elevation model grids
  • All elevation points
  • Breaklines
  • 3-D ESRI shape files with attributed Z values and ESRI of overall Tile index