Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements - Bonner Springs, KS

Wilson & Company began working with the City of Bonner Springs to improve the sludge handling capacity of their wastewater treatment plant and the quality of the sludge being produced. Services provided include study, preliminary design, final design, bidding, and construction services. The first task was an upgrade of the sludge basins. Design was competed to install an aeration system to improve the sludge ageing conditions prior to pressing as well as to reduce the objectionable odors. The design allowed for timed running of the aeration equipment and minimal staff supervision. Our team then began the process of specifying new sludge dewatering equipment and designing a building for the new equipment. This expanded the sludge handling capacity and provided room for a second press in the future. The new equipment also significantly reduced maintenance requirements at the plant. The new building utilizes green technologies for construction such as insulated concrete forms and a synthetic brick look.