Water System Improvements Design-Build - Ellis, KS

The City of Ellis contracted with Wilson & Company to develop a design memorandum and final design services for a new water treatment facility and water system improvements. The recommendation from the Design Memorandum was to construct an iron and manganese filtration treatment plant, along with numerous new raw water supply lines and distribution system improvements. A pilot study/temporary water treatment facility was completed prior to start of design of the treatment plant. This pilot testing offered successful results utilizing a Layne-Ox packaged pressure iron and manganese removal system technology on actual groundwater from the City's supply wells. Approximately 22,000 linear feet of 4-inch to 10-inch raw water lines and 6,000 linear feet of 4-inch to 10-inch water distribution lines were also installed as part of this project. Wilson & Company provided final design and construction services for this design-build project that includes the construction of a 1.5 MGD water treatment plant, clear well, and water well supply improvements.