Williamsburg Wastewater System Improvements

The Village of Williamsburg, NM and Wilson & Company began working together in 2019 to identify potential funding sources for improvements to the Villages’ existing sanitary sewer system. Wilson & Company assisted the Village with completing several funding applications, including a Special Evaluation Assistance for Rural Communities and Households (SEARCH) Grant through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and a Local Government Planning Fund grant through the New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA). The Village was awarded approximately $62,000 in grant to complete a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and Environmental Categorical Exclusion with no report. The PER was prepared in accordance with USDA Bulletin 1780-2 and submitted to USDA-Rural Development for funding. The Village was awarded over $4.2M in project funding, with 70% being grant and 30% loan. 

The improvements include the rehabilitation of the villages’ two existing lift stations by replacing the existing pumps, appurtenances, rehabilitation of the wet well structure and vaults while also adding backup generators at each site in the event of a power outage. Also included is the upsizing of approximately 3500 feet of 6” sewer line by pipe bursting, rehabilitation of approximately 5700 feet of sewer line by cured in place pipe method, and/or full replacement of lines via open trench was cost-effective. 

Village of Williamsburg, NM