Capacity Improvements

Working side-by-side with Class I Railroads and private developers, Wilson & Company’s track engineers manage and design all aspects of capacity improvements. Our experience includes construction of hundreds of miles of new mainline track, double and triple tracking for busy freight corridors, siding extensions and spur tracks, bridges, drainage structures, and crossing improvements. We also help clients to increase capacity and train movements within a facility. Knowledge of grade crossing requirements, grade separation design, and quiet zones improve the success of capacity improvement projects.

We are accomplished in planning rail-served facilities and developing track configuration concepts to match operations to parcels being considered for development. Our focused professionals work on a wide range of size and type of private facilities, having completed significant track design improvements at more than 15 railroad-served facilities.

We help clients with permitting for new access or to improve existing facilities.


• Site Operation Analysis
• Track Design
• Sidings and Lead Tracks
• Freight Corridors
• Grade Crossings & Grade Separations
• Industrial Development
• Emergency On-Call Services

Representative Projects