Construction Administration

Construction Management is an important aspect of professional engineering services that provides support of construction projects designed by our staff, other consulting teams, or as independent on-call construction management assignments. Effective construction management services helps clients control cost, coordinates the many and diverse tasks of support firms and personnel, and enables the team to adhere to compressed schedules. Clients include state or provincial departments of transportation, class I freight railroads, commuter rail authorities, and federal, state, or provincial and local governments.

Construction management staff have specialized experience that includes QC/QA final design review, procurement, constructability reviews, construction engineering, observation, and materials testing, and they have certifications for a diverse range of projects. Our team includes project managers and engineers, observers, inspectors, sampling and testing technicians, and certified traffic control supervisors who are well versed and trained in local, state, and national construction management standards and specifications. Observers are trained in confined space entry, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). 


Program Management

  • Pre-construction conference attendance
  • Full-time or part-time construction observation
  • Project progress meetings
  • Review of construction schedules
  • Quality assurance and materials testing
  • Minimum Acceptance Testing requirements
  • Reimbursements for CO-OP, MAP and Federal Projects
  • Certificates of compliance
  • Mill Reports for Buy America provision
  • EEO and DBE compliance
  • LCT Tracker and B2GNow
  • Tracking of Source Books
  • Verification of Quantities
  • Certification of Pay Applications
  • Approval of Change Orders
  • Project Close Out and Documentation

Vertical and Horizontal Observation

  • Building Structure
  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Roof Systems
  • Site Improvements

Code Enforcement

  • Code Inspections

Special Inspections

  • Verification of Steel placement
  • Verification of Rebar Placement
  • Verification of Concrete Placement
  • Verification of Masonry Placement


  • Water and Waste Water Testing for Rest Areas
  • ACNM TTCP Certified Testers
Representative Projects 
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