FRA Compliant Bridge & Track Inspection

Bridge Inspection
Wilson & Company teams annually inspect approximately 600 railroad bridges across the country. Railroad bridges require a specific skill set as conditions vary widely by structure type. Personnel are specifically trained to inspect railroad bridges and learn safe climbing techniques for access to challenged structures. While providing Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) compliant inspections, we typically recommend short- and long-term maintenance solutions and provide estimates of repair costs, based on client need. 
Track Inspection
Professional engineers trained in both inspection and engineering conduct industry and short line inspections. With a priority focus on safety, our personnel identify issues followed by safe, constructible solutions. In addition to the typical track section (ballast, ties, vegetation, etc.), our track inspectors examine switches, at-grade crossings, and track joints. We use hi-rail vehicles that easily provide a pictorial log document, field measurements of track gage, and cross level. 
  • AREMA 49 CFR 237.51
  • AREMA 49 CFR 237.53
  • AREMA Inspection Guidelines and 49 CFR 237
  • AREMA Bridge Inspection and Streambed Scour course
  • Certified FHWA Inspection Team Leader
  • FHWA National Highway Institute Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
  • FHWA Fracture Critical Techniques for Steel Bridges
  • FRA CFR 213 Qualified Railroad Track Inspectors
Representative Projects