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Serving the Greater Community
Engineers and architects typically sit behind desks and sometimes forget we are part of a greater community. Our Denver offi ce recently took the opportunity to share our time and construction capabilities with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.
The MSD Site Civil Group worked with their client, Habitat for Humanity, initially and provided:
  • Initial site development for the 12 buildings
  • Drainage
  • Grading for drainage and site improvements
    (sidewalks, curbs and gutters, drive cuts)
  • Utilities (water, sanitary, stormwater)
  • Transportation design (ROW grading)
Wilson & Company’s team of 12 volunteers assisted in the construction of the townhomes, Sable Ridge, in east Denver. Janalee Coyle organized the two-day event for the volunteers that to some was second nature, while others learned new skills, such as avoiding fingers when hammering a nail.
Other tasks the team worked on included: hanging doors, cutting footer for interior doors, sheathing, caulking, installing tie straps, framing doorways, hanging blue board insulation on the outside of a two story home, building a roof bump out for aesthetic appeal, and bonding with our fellow coworkers, as well as the Habitat
for Humanity/AmeriCorps team.
The event provided a successful way for us to work together, while not working behind our desks. It was a great opportunity to spend time with our co-workers and give back to the community. The grateful families will move into their new homes later this year.