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Picnic with a Purpose 2017
Wilson & Company Gives Back 100% to the Susan G. Komen Foundation at Annual Picnic with a Purpose
Our company is out to make a difference! Wilson & Company's Albuquerque staff completed their third annual Picnic with a Purpose with a fundraiser to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation on July 21.
The Friday event saw this company inviting their 175 employees to raise money for the national organization dedicated to advancing the fight against breast cancer. The organization funds research efforts toward preventing and finding a cure, and it also save lives by meeting critical needs in communities.
It's difficult to find anyone who hasn't been affected by breast cancer, either directly or indirectly, and employees of Wilson & Company are no exception. Many were passionate about supporting this fundraiser because of their own diagnosis or that of a mother, grandmother, daughter, or friend. 
One employee gave voice to many others, saying, "I have family members and friends who have suffered with breast cancer.... I want to make a difference." 
In addition to fundraising for this noble cause, Wilson & Company also celebrated its 85th birthday, making it a doubly joyful and meaningful occasion. They gave 100%, and they likely felt 100% satisfied with their wonderful efforts.