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Expertise, plus something more.

The difference is Higher Relationships.

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For more than eight decades, clients have chosen Wilson & Company to help them move from concept to completion, unused spaces to productive places, underutilized to efficient facilities, and rural and urban challenges to achievable solutions. We provide you with engineering, architecture, planning, environmental, survey & mapping, and construction management services.

We help identify, select and implement secure, cost-effective solutions that drive our clients’ business strategies. 

We go beyond traditional transactions, and offer an integrated, mutually beneficial approach for consulting service excellence.


Higher Relationships describes our foundation and guiding principles with the highest level of ethics and integrity. Our business is all about relationships, and when we’re at our best, our clients, colleagues, and employees say we do it better than anyone else.

Discipline:  We are an organization that ‘does it right,’ focusing on the details without exception.
Intensity:  We have a passion for what we do, and we do what it takes to meet and exceed expectations.
Collaboration:  We are at our best when working together. Every team member’s contribution is important to the successful achievement of our goals.
Shared Ownership:  We take on our partners’ missions and objectives as our own. Our partners are clients, Company, colleague firms and fellow team members.
Solutions:  We identify the right solutions by examining the varied needs of stakeholders and understanding the implications to the wider community.