What is Planning?

Planning is a process designed to engage residents, stakeholders, and local governments in defining a sustainable vision for their community. Successful planning leads to the development of policies and strategies to guide informed decision-making regarding many elements related to the growth of a community, including land use, public infrastructure, economic development, and community revitalization.

At Wilson & Company, our team of adept planning professionals understands the profound impact that development policies and related infrastructure investments have on society, today and in the future. We conduct disciplined studies that identify and mitigate risk through analysis, common understanding, and honest discussion of performance so that positive results are witnessed. Whether evaluating the potential cultural, historical, and environmental implications of growth, predicting shifts in transportation system needs, or addressing road safety issues, our planners are dedicated to fostering positive transformations within communities.

Backed by a diverse team of experts, our planners collaborate with mappers, surveyors, architects, GIS specialists, technicians, construction managers, and engineers spanning civil, traffic, mechanical, electrical, railroad, hydraulic, and structural disciplines. Drawing from Wilson & Company’s extensive pool of multi-disciplinary professionals, we assemble a specialized team tailored to the unique requirements of each community and project. Together, we strategize projects that align stakeholder needs, crafting inclusive, secure, and sustainable solutions.

Our services include:

  • Community Planning
  • Comprehensive plans
  • General plans
  • Area plans
  • Corridor plans
  • Downtown plans
  • Neighborhood plans
  • Economic development plans
  • Station area master plans
  • Transit-oriented development planning
  • Strategic plans
  • Implementation plans
  • Urban design
  • Campus master plans
  • Facilities master plans
  • Parks master plans
  • Site development master plans
  • Infrastructure master plans
  • Capital improvement plans
  • On-call planning services
  • Code and text creation and amendments

Environmental Planning

  • NEPA process and document management
  • Planning and environment linkages
  • Environmental assessment
  • Finding of no significant impact
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Record of Decision (ROD)
  • Categorical exclusion
  • NEPA re-evaluation
  • NEPA document review for DOTs
  • Environmental resource impact evaluation
  • Environmental mitigation
  • Environmental permitting

Transportation Planning

  • Statewide and regional plans
  • Tribal plans
  • Corridor studies
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Travel demand modeling and traffic forecasting
  • Traffic simulation modeling
  • Access management
  • Parking studies
  • Active transportation plans
  • ADA compliance
  • Complete streets studies
  • Transit studies
  • Impact fee programs
  • Safety studies
  • ITS planning
  • Transportation demand management
  • Special events/venues
  • Traffic signal timing plans
  • Managed lanes/tolling
  • Performance management
  • Transportation research
  • Freight/rail studies
  • Border master plans
  • Ports of entry


Eunice Athletic Complex

Lake Havasu City Low Impact Development Master Plan

Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks Master Plan

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Effective planning is crucial to the success of infrastructure and civil engineering projects. It ensures that projects are well-executed, cost-effective, and aligned with the needs of stakeholders, resulting in safe and sustainable built environments. Learn more about our planning services by reaching out.