Investing in Our Communities, Our People, and the Environment

As we practice our craft, we seek opportunities to provide long-term sustainable solutions, enhance our communities, and promote responsible use and conservation of our resources.

Wilson & Company promotes and practices mindful stewardship of our communities and resources to create shared meaning. We foster an environment that promotes volunteerism and charitable giving while partnering with the communities we serve and live in to create an equitable environment.

We contribute to our communities in a positive and meaningful way, both as a company and individually, which is integrated into our culture of Higher Relationships. We support the places where we live and work by donating to and participating in various community service projects and organizations. Additionally, we support our business communities by diversifying our supplier base to foster the growth and development of small and disadvantaged businesses. We believe investing in local communities to create social and economic outcomes is at the heart of generating social value. We work with our clients, partners, and suppliers to link the opportunities presented by our projects to the needs of the local communities where we operate, delivering a positive, lasting legacy.

At Wilson & Company, we are dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens in the communities we call home. Our commitment to volunteerism is evident in the various ways our team contributes, from individual efforts supporting local nonprofits to employee groups championing community initiatives.

As an engineering firm, we recognize the potential to create a positive impact, and we actively invest in our communities through delivering local infrastructure projects, participating STEM education programs, and making charitable donations. Aligned with our values and mission, we strive to make communities more sustainable by implementing strategies to reduce carbon emissions, protect natural resources, and promote renewable energy.

A message from Jim Brady, PE, President and CEO

“Environmental stewardship, broad employee ownership, sound governance, and a positive and inclusive environment are foundational to achieving our company purpose and our culture of Higher Relationships. To accomplish great things, we will foster an inclusive environment that provides sustainable solutions and creates a positive legacy while leading with integrity.”