Wilson & Company is a leader in providing integrated solutions within the rail sector. Our team comprises experts with extensive knowledge in rail planning, engineering, construction management, FRA compliance, and safety.

Our services cover a vast range of projects catering to the diverse needs within the rail sector. We aid clients in implementing engineered capacity improvements, planning studies, grant funding research and applications, station design, and performing work on terminals and facilities. We deliver a full spectrum of services dedicated to continually enhancing railroad operations, seamlessly integrating freight rail movement with highways, roadways, and commuter rail.

Since 1989, we have sustained successful relationships in the industry, providing professional services to Class I railroads, shortline railroads, and shippers. Our clients include Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), CPKC, Alaska Railroad, and more. We have been responsible for mainline and industry track design and construction, yard rehabilitation, and capital expansion, which enhance operations, reduce initial capital costs, lower long-term operating expenses, improve capacity, increase flexibility, and use both traditional and innovative project delivery approaches.


47th and York Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

BNSF Southwest Light Rail Transit

Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks Master Plan

Class I Freight Railroads and Shortline Railroads

Wilson & Company is your trusted partner for comprehensive rail solutions, catering to the unique needs of both Class I and shortline railroads. Our dedicated rail engineering team boasts diverse expertise, including rail, transportation, and civil engineers, designers, construction managers/inspectors, and surveyors.

Whether your projects require design, new construction, rehabilitation, or reconstruction, we have the experience and capabilities to deliver exceptional results. We understand the intricate challenges that Class I railroads face and the specific requirements of shortline railroads, and we tailor our services accordingly.

With a commitment to precision and efficiency, we work closely with our railroad clients to ensure that our solutions align with their goals and industry standards. From optimizing track layouts to enhancing safety measures, our team is dedicated to providing expert freight rail solutions that drive success.

Our services include:

  • Capacity improvements
  • Site master planning/Industrial development
  • Structures/Bridges/Culverts
  • Intermodal facilities and Automated Gate Systems (AGS)
  • SiT/Storage/Automotive/Classification yards
  • Operations analysis/3rd party reviews
  • H&H studies
  • Surveying
  • Emergency/Accident services
  • Fueling, sanding, and locomotive facilities
  • Grade crossing design and quiet zones
  • Build Out/Build In studies
  • FRA-compliant bridge and track inspection
  • Construction management, inspection, and staking
  • Industrial waste treatment


BNSF Emporia Construction Management

UPRR Los Angeles Transportation Center

Rio Grande International Bridge

Commuter, Transit, and High-Speed Rail

Wilson & Company’s team of experts works with agencies to provide efficient and sustainable solutions in commuter, transit, and high-speed rail. Our expertise includes mechanical, electrical, architecture, civil, structural, environmental, survey and mapping, construction management, and H&H.

We are committed to implementing innovative and environmentally friendly results that move people and goods safely. Our experienced professionals collaborate closely with rail agencies to understand their unique needs and objectives. We help realize project goals, whether it’s enhancing commuter rail systems, optimizing transit infrastructure, or developing cutting-edge high-speed rail networks.

Our services include:

  • Commuter and passenger rail systems
  • Intercity passenger rail service
  • Freight rail shared-use rail systems
  • Track, structural, and H&H design
  • Bridge/Structural inspection
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Grade crossings and quiet zones
  • Stations
  • Mechanical shops and maintenance facilities
  • Locomotive servicing systems and fueling systems
  • Rail network capacity improvements
  • Electrical, lighting, and primary power distribution


BNSF Southwest Light Rail Transit

BNSF RTD Northwest Extension

BNSF California High-Speed Rail

Rail Facilities

As a leader in delivering comprehensive, in-house services, Wilson & Company responds to private and public client rail facility needs from conception to construction management. We have sustained successful relationships in the rail industry and have a long history of providing professional services to Class I railroads, shortline railroads, and shippers. Our team leads projects through the entire process with our clients by developing concept design, design development, bid documents, and construction documents, providing construction-related services, and providing start-up, commissioning, and operations. Projects are phased to eliminate downtime for railroad clients. Our expertise includes mechanical, electrical, architecture, civil, structural, environmental, survey and mapping, construction management, and H&H.

Our services include:

  • Fueling systems
  • Locomotive servicing systems
  • Mechanical shops
  • Electrical and controls
  • Arc flash evaluations
  • Environmental (including IWS)
  • Rail network capacity improvements
  • Yard primary power distribution
  • Yard lighting
  • Electrical system rehabilitation and safety improvements
  • Crude loading/Unloading
  • Industrial waste treatment
  • Industrial yards and sidings
  • Intermodal
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Storage tanks/Tank farms
  • Transload
  • Unit train


Musket Corporation Ethanol Rail Unloading

UPRR Los Angeles Transportation Center

EOG Resources, Inc. Transload Facility

Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Santa Teresa Facility

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