Dos Lagos Master Planned Development

Dos Lagos was a shared vision between the City of Anthony, NM, and a New Mexico State Representative back in 2018. What started as a vision, unveiled as a strategic development of the 112-acre Dos Lagos Golf Course. Wilson & Company was tasked with forming the team that would identify the $4M in Local Gross Receipts revenue and purchase the golf course. Today, the City owns the 112-acres. Wilson & Company is providing grant research and application assistance, planning, and design services to the City of Anthony. The team has successfully assisted in securing $1.55 million in funding from the State of New Mexico Capital Outlay for planning and design for the project. The team has also assisted the City with applying for funding with the Economic Development Administration for an additional $1.5 million for construction services.

The Dos Lagos Master Planned Development is defining a new downtown. Creatively, we identified a multi-generational campus that will offer diversified long-term employment opportunities as well as facilities to connect jobs with its citizens. Additionally, we have identified other key tenants, including but not limited to, Urgent Care, State of New Mexico Administration Office of the Courts, and City Hall. The ability to bring in public services as anchor tenants gives the City the opportunity to secure and expend public funds for infrastructure. In turn, the remaining real estate will be rezoned and sub-divided for commercial, retail, and housing. The upfront development costs are reduced making Dos Lagos an attractive investment. Once constructed, the facility will include a multi-generational center, commercial/municipal district, residential district, and recreational district.

City of Anthony, NM