A message from Jim Brady, PE, President and CEO:

It is my pleasure to provide the introduction to Wilson & Company’s first People and Sustainability Report, a public launch of our program with the same name. Environmental stewardship, broad employee-ownership, sound governance, and a positive and inclusive environment is foundational to achieve our company purpose and our culture of Higher Relationships. In 2022 our Board of Directors embraced the need for the commitment, intentionality, and value that a formal People and Sustainability Program brings. Building on our company purpose, this program’s purpose is:

To accomplish great things, we will foster an inclusive environment that provides sustainable solutions and creates a positive legacy while leading with integrity.

As planners, designers, and builders of America’s infrastructure, every project we touch is an opportunity to have a positive impact on the natural and built environment. Our professionals are protecting and enhancing water resources, treating wastewater and providing clean water to communities, protecting and enhancing wildlife habitats and wetlands, using recycled materials and minimizing waste, planning and designing multimodal solutions and transportation projects that reduce congestion and vehicle miles traveled, engaging with alternative fuel opportunities and the electrification of freight rail infrastructure, planning and designing infrastructure that greatly enhances under-served communities, and the list goes on and on. Broadly stated, at Wilson & Company, we proudly accept the responsibility that practicing our craft has on the entire spectrum of the environment.

Our People and Sustainability Program includes a long-term commitment with short-term efforts to modernize a Total Rewards Program, prioritize employee engagement, focus on people development from internships to all levels of
professional development, and accentuate our robust Safety and Wellness Program.

In 2023 the number of our employee-owners will increase to an all-time high of 55, our Board of Directors includes external professionals, with employee participation on board led committees—Audit, Safety, & Risk; Compensation; and Governance & Nominating—to ensure excellent governance with a broad focus on all things that matter to our employees, community, and shareholders. Launching our People and Sustainability Program comes as we celebrate our 90th Anniversary, and the promise of many more years serving our community and our people.

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Wilson & Company People and Sustainability Report 2023