Wilson & Company Promotes Five New Vice Presidents

Albuquerque, N.M. March 22, 2022 – Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects has promoted Brian Ambrogi, Tyler Glissman, Ed Latimer, Derek Smith and Jim Townsend to associate vice president positions. These acclaimed industry professionals will support the executive leadership team at Wilson & Company in delivering high-quality services while developing lasting Higher Relationships.

Brian Ambrogi, PE, has more than 20 years of experience in civil engineering, specializing in water and wastewater projects. At Wilson & Company, Ambrogi serves as the water and wastewater operations manager in New Mexico and has experience on a range of projects from conceptual design through construction.

“Mr. Brian Ambrogi is a great servant leader. He has built a strong team and significant client base through his role as a subject matter expert. Providing mentorship and leadership to a growing water/wastewater market is helping Wilson & Company to hold a dominant presence in the New Mexico market. Brian helps to retain and recruit great people to build our teams on and increase the resources for our clients leading to winning larger and more complex projects. Brian runs a significant piece of our business and will be able to expand his influence for emotional intelligence, quality, and performance as an officer of the company,” said Daniel S. Aguirre, PE, CFM, senior vice president.

Tyler Glissman, PE, brings more than 25 years of experience as a design engineer, project engineer and project manager on a variety of transportation projects. Glissman’s experience includes urban and rural transportation projects, including highways and streets, rail, bridge, drainage, airport, developmental and environmental projects around the country.

“Tyler has spent his whole career focused on client service and delivering award-winning technical and innovative solutions. Throughout all his accomplishments, he has completed them with principles of Higher Relationships and a one company approach. Tyler has proven to be a strong and respected leader in the Salina office and has been integral in maintaining existing clients and bringing in new clients to Wilson & Company. Tyler’s leadership and respect in the community will be the driving force in selling the Wilson & Company brand across Kansas as we strive to achieve our multi-horizon growth plan goals,” said Michael W. King, PE, senior vice president.

Ed Latimer, PH.D., PE, is an accomplished leader with 35 years of experience in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Latimer’s areas of expertise include water resources engineering, water quality regulatory compliance, irrigation engineering and erosion and sediment control technologies.

“As Wilson & Company continues to be a growing organization it is important to have leadership that understands our purpose and culture. Mr. Ed Latimer has shown he is that kind of leader. Ed has found a home here at Wilson & Company and has been instrumental in recruiting great employees to support the Arizona and municipal services growth initiative. He understands our business and the Arizona market and the need to win work. We want to learn from Ed and having him as an officer of the company will bring him to the table for important discussions and decisions as we work to be dominant in Arizona and other markets,” said Daniel S. Aguirre, PE, CFM, senior vice president.

Derek Smith serves as Wilson & Company’s geospatial operations manager and project manager for numerous aerial acquisition projects and mapping projects with 18 years of experience. His expertise in different types of field surveys, photogrammetry, liDAR and GIS data extraction and processing, as well as his focus on client needs, makes him a leading staff member for input on all projects at Wilson & Company.

“Derek has done an awesome job of rebuilding the geospatial group. He has worked hard to define their structure, train new project managers, and move others into operational management positions. This has allowed Derek to focus more on client relationships and market development,” said Ryan R. Branfort, PLS, GISP, senior vice president.

Jim Townsend, AICP, brings more than 25 years of experience from both the public and private sectors. He leads Wilson & Company’s Midwest region transportation planning and traffic engineering practice. Townsend’s broad-based, multimodal background and exposure enable him to provide national experience to our clients.

“For years Jim Townsend has been a leader in Wilson & Company promoting Higher Relationships through unconditional collaboration across all divisions of the company. Jim has used his technical and people skills to help build a planning and traffic team that provides exceptional services to clients across the Midwest, Southwest and Intermountain West. Moving forward, Jim will use experience and relationships to help Wilson & Company meet our Multi-Horizon Growth Plan goals and meet our clients needs with future technology and project delivery opportunities,” said Michael W. King, PE, senior vice president.

Wilson & Company continues to grow, and the new associate vice presidents will support the company’s Multi-Horizon Growth Plan. To learn more about Wilson & Company’s service opportunities for public and private clients throughout the United States, visit www.wilsonco.com


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