Wilson & Company has more than 90 years of experience providing clients worldwide with engineering solutions for their most demanding challenges. Our multidisciplinary experts embrace the opportunity to positively impact built and natural environments through engineering solutions that address the community’s needs.


Riata Road/La luz Channel Bridge

BNSF Southwest Light Rail Transit

Lake Havasu City Low Impact Development Master Plan

Civil Engineering

Our team of skilled civil engineers brings a wealth of expertise to every project, providing innovative solutions that shape a sustainable future. From concept to completion, we offer a full spectrum of services, including site planning, structural design, land development, transportation engineering, drainage, utility, and environmental resources. We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle projects of all sizes and complexities, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, stewardship, and environmental responsibility.

Client satisfaction and infrastructure reliability are our top priorities. We collaborate closely with our clients and communities, understanding their unique needs and goals to tailor solutions that surpass expectations. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices ensures that your project not only meets today’s standards but also paves the way for a resilient and environmentally conscious tomorrow.


Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks Master Plan

Albuquerque Rail Trails

The University of New Mexico Baseball Field

Electrical Engineering

Wilson & Company’s capabilities in electrical engineering cover a vast range of services that cater to your project’s needs. With a wealth of expertise in power distribution, we excel in evaluating, designing, and implementing overhead and underground medium-voltage power distribution systems.

Our lighting design services illuminate interior and exterior spaces. We provide meticulous lighting design, precise lighting calculations, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. In commercial electrical design, we craft entire electrical systems for new buildings, tenant finishes, or remodeling ventures. Wilson & Company adeptly shapes electrical systems to match architectural visions. With industrial electrical design, we specialize in heavy power-use facilities that use large motors, machinery, conveyance systems, or custom packages to fit our client’s needs. We provide electrical system upgrades by evaluating and enhancing existing electrical systems to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, replace outdated equipment, and comply with current codes and standards. We offer electrical studies, including arc flash analysis, short circuit analysis, and coordination studies.

Our experience in renewable energy encompasses designing and implementing renewable energy networks, such as solar, wind, and geothermal power systems. We design instrumentation and control systems for a variety of applications. From industrial automation to process control and building automation, Wilson & Company customizes solutions to various domains.


EOG Resources, Inc. Transload Facility

Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Santa Teresa Facility

UPRR Mesquite Terminal Expansion, Mesquite, Texas

Industrial and Energy Engineering

Wilson & Company is committed to driving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in industrial and energy operations. From optimizing processes to improving energy systems, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that span across industries.

We understand the unique challenges each client faces. That’s why we work closely with you to tailor solutions that align with your goals and commitments. We’re dedicated to harnessing the latest technologies and sustainable practices to drive innovation and positively impact your bottom line and the planet.


Mechanical Engineering

Wilson & Company’s mechanical engineers are dedicated to delivering designs that prioritize building safety, health, and energy efficiency. Our approach integrates these factors when designing and constructing mechanical systems for various projects. We focus on meeting user needs, providing maintainable and durable systems, and ensuring energy-efficient systems that are simple to understand and operate.

Our mechanical engineers actively engage in building condition assessments, evaluations, and energy audits, supporting clients in enhancing their building performance. Recognizing the significance of energy costs in HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems over a facility’s lifespan, we leverage our design expertise, LEED concept planning, and proficiency in building energy modeling software. This enables us to equip clients with tools and guidance for informed decision-making about their facilities.

Conducting functional testing and commissioning for MEP systems or the entire building design process is a crucial aspect of our services, leveraging our certified Commissioning Process Providers. We strive to be indispensable team members, contributing innovative ideas and fostering a cooperative attitude throughout the design process. Our commitment begins early in the project, ensuring alignment with client needs and the success of mechanical systems critical to occupant comfort.

In major renovations, our engineering team delves into existing building systems to gain a comprehensive understanding, facilitating connections for contractors. We actively participate in field investigations, demonstrating a hands-on approach from project initiation to completion.


Railroad Engineering

Wilson & Company partners with our clients, providing a single source of integrated rail transportation solutions that save time and money. Since 1989, we have sustained successful relationships with Class I railroads, shortline railroads, and shippers, including Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), Kansas City Southern (KCS), and Alaska Railroad.

Our services cover a vast range of projects catering to the diverse needs within the railroad market. We implement sustainability and climate action plans, manage utility installations across railroad properties through our Utility Inspector Coordinator (UIC) program, engineer capacity improvements for common carriers, provide structural engineering for new and existing railroad bridges, and perform work on terminals and rail facilities. We work closely with various local, state, and federal agencies to seamlessly integrate freight rail movement with highways, roadways, and commuter rail.


UPRR Los Angeles Transportation Center

EOG Resources, Inc. Transload Facility

Rio Grande International Bridge

Structural Engineering

Wilson & Company develops innovative solutions to deliver designs that bring your structures to life, including comprehensive structural engineering services encompassing design, analysis, inspections, and retrofitting of bridges, architectural facades, retaining and sound walls, and industrial facilities.

Wilson & Company collaborates closely with project owners, architects, contracting partners, and communities to ensure our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and project goals of our clients. We prioritize safety, efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness to deliver projects that exceed expectations and provide a sense of community.


C-470 Corridor Improvements

Little Mill Creek Trail Crossing

Los Alamos County Canyon Rim Trail 


Wilson & Company provides a full spectrum of water-related engineering services, including water storage, supply, treatment, and distribution for municipal, regional, rural, and wholesale systems. Our professionals tailor cost-effective and sound design solutions while embracing sustainable design concepts. Our engineers are skilled at working through each project phase with timeliness and efficiency while addressing regulatory and legal requirements, applicable codes, community needs, and the physical environment.

Wilson & Company collaborates closely with project owners, architects, contracting partners, and communities to ensure our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and project goals of our clients. We prioritize safety, efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness to deliver projects that exceed expectations and provide a sense of community.


City Park Dams Rehabilitation

Route 66 RV Resort Water and Sewer Extension

City of Downs – Water Treatment Plant

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