Utility Inspection/Coordination

When utility installations are necessary on or across railroad property, it is critical to manage and provide third-party utility inspection and oversight to prevent any disruption to railroad operations and to ensure safety compliance.

Wilson & Company provides Utility Inspection/Coordination (UIC) services to multiple Class 1 and shortline railroads. Currently, we coordinate, schedule, and perform thousands of utility inspection days annually for overhead and underground utility installations on railroad properties at locations across the United States. We proudly take on this responsibility for our clients and provide personnel who are dedicated to protecting our client’s interests. The focus of our on-site personnel is to promote a safe work environment while protecting the integrity of the rail network. We are committed to providing effective communication, well-trained inspectors, data transparency, and unmatched deliverables during and at the conclusion of each utility installation.

The comprehensive approach of our UIC Program begins in the early stages of the utility application process by communicating the railroad’s expectations and requirements. Once an agreement is finalized between the railroad and the owner, we review the details and promptly initiate conversations with the owner/contractor to ensure their plan is compliant. Many discrepancies are realized at this stage of the process, and a “sense of urgency” is demonstrated to find resolution ahead of time so these projects can be scheduled without significant delay. Once a date is established, we notify the required railroad personnel to keep them informed of the activities on their property so they can make informed decisions related to the work.

On location, our inspectors ensure compliance and are trained to recognize and address issues or discrepancies that are encountered. This interaction establishes a clear path to the successful completion of the installation. Once work begins, our inspectors shift their primary focus to worker safety to ensure it aligns with our client’s policies. Each inspection day is thoroughly documented within our reporting system, and at the end of the project, specific information is transferred to the railroad.

Our services include:


  • Communicate railroad’s safety requirements
  • Compare installation plan to agreement/Railroad standards for compliance
  • Schedule utility installation
  • Provide notification to railroad personnel


  • Confirm compliance with safety requirements
  • Oversight for safety accountability during construction
  • Ensure compliance with agreement/Railroad standards
  • Immediate communication with the railroad regarding any safety concerns or incidents
  • Documentation of daily activities
  • Final As-Builts


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