BNSF Emporia Construction Management

Wilson & Company provided construction management, quality assurance, and survey services on the BNSF Emporia CMGC Project for 2023. The services were specifically provided for the Emporia Subdivision Double Track Project.

The Wilson & Company construction management team provided the following: monitored work for compliance with contract documents, supervised and witnessed the contractor’s material testing against project specifications, reviewed construction submittals and responded to RFIs, and issued daily and weekly construction reports to BNSF. Working closely with the construction manager and contractor superintendent, a good working relationship was formed that prioritized quality and safety, effectively and efficiently solving any field issues. Advanced technical challenges were brought to BNSF for additional assistance in resolution. A Resident Engineer (RE) provided managerial oversight and coordination between BNSF and the construction management team.

Wilson & Company also continued to provide survey support during construction. This included track centerline staking for the track laying machine (TLM) and staking of the assumed right-of-way for fence relocation.