BNSF RTD Northwest Extension

Since 2010, Wilson & Company has represented the BNSF Railway Company for railroad work associated with RTD’s light rail & commuter rail project corridors. BNSF contracted Wilson & Company for design along with the ongoing construction management/observation of RTD construction while relocating BNSF mainlines. Wilson & Company was responsible for track and drainage design of 23rd Street Yard, Jersey Cutoff, Utah Junction mainline relocation, RIP track relocation, and Denver Union Station Throat mainline realignment and provided design review and construction observation services for all facilities that carry or impact BNSF operations.

Wilson & Company performed design reviews on this project for railroad grade separations, bridges, walls, and culverts carrying the BNSF, drainage facilities, utility installations, relocations, BNSF track realignments, and shooflies. Drainage improvements and track realignments for BNSF in conjunction with the RTD work were also provided. Construction management personnel and design professionals have been performing ongoing full-time construction observation, design review, and review of construction submittals. Acting on behalf of the BNSF to protect their interests, our full-time inspectors observe embankment construction, bridge construction, excavation shoring, and retaining wall construction. During the construction observation and design review process, Wilson & Company coordinated with the BNSF, RTD, and Denver Transit Partners to ensure that the design and construction conform to the BNSF standards and specifications.

Wilson & Company has represented the BNSF for railroad work associated with RTD’s light rail & commuter rail project corridors, performing design review, construction inspection and management, and design. These joint-use corridors create unique design, construction, and operational challenges. Limiting impacts on BNSF operations during construction, process, and future maintenance has been a critical focus of our design review.