City Park Dams Rehabilitation

City Lake and Lake Luna, located within the picturesque Harrisonville City Park, stand as iconic attractions in the heart of Harrisonville. Originating in the 1930s, these high-hazard dams were initially constructed to alleviate downstream flood conditions, safeguarding local commercial and residential structures. Unfortunately, since their inception, these dams have undergone minimal rehabilitation, with a mere hydraulic and sediment study in 2009 being the only notable intervention.

Recognizing the potential for a breach and subsequent concerns for public safety, the City of Harrisonville enlisted the expertise of Wilson & Company in 2020. Tasked with verifying past studies, the firm developed comprehensive construction plans aimed at reducing breach risks. The final design overhaul by Wilson & Company involved replacing weir spillways with separate principal riser spillways and side channel auxiliary spillways for both dams. The upper dam, City Lake, saw a 4-foot elevation to enhance storage capacity.

Community engagement was a priority, with Wilson & Company collaborating with stakeholders to optimize recreational use while prioritizing dam safety. The project encompassed environmental studies, geotechnical investigations, and field surveys, illustrating a holistic approach to safeguarding the community and maintaining or enhancing the amenities in the Harrisonville City Park.