Connecting Auraria

The Connecting Auraria project replaced the aging Larimer Street bridge over Cherry Creek and improved the roadway for all modes of travel. The roadway segment is a critical connection between the Downtown Denver core and the Auraria Campus, delivering a high volume of vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and other modes of travel over Cherry Creek and across Speer Boulevard.

With the advent and growth of new modes of personal conveyance, the ability to get between the main campus and lower downtown safely has never been more paramount. The City and County of Denver (CCD) has repurposed space on the bridge over Cherry Creek to provide a wider pedestrian/bicycle area informally. They have also invested in high visibility crossing markings at Speer Boulevard to heighten awareness of the crossings and promote the connection along Larimer Street.

With the replacement of the bridge, more formal space is provided that promotes safer and higher connectivity while correcting existing deficiencies. The Wilson & Company team’s design developed a strong connection from the main campus to the downtown core, additional transit access, downtown bicycle lanes, and regional trail systems along Cherry Creek.

A curbless street provides CCD with resiliency to adjust its uses should it be warranted in the future. Different spaces for general traffic, bicycles, pedestrians, and amenity zones have been identified and delineated with different colors, textures, and bollards/planters.