Lake Havasu City Low Impact Development Master Plan

Wilson & Company was contracted for the Lake Havasu City Low Impact Development Master Plan to provide Lake Havasu City staff, residents, business owners, engineers, designers, landscape architects, contractors, and the development community with proper guidance, specifications, standards, details, and direction for strategic implementation of LID Best Management Practices (BMPs), to be implemented throughout the City to promote flood reduction, water conservation, and water quality.

 The LID Master Plan was prepared with the following goals in mind: resilient community development; engaging developers, engineers, designers, City staff, etc.; practical, City-specific LID guidance and design principles; recommendation of LID alternatives for City-identified locations experiencing routine flooding and maintenance needs; “next step” guidance for embracing and implementing LID at a local-scale, development-scale, and City-wide-scale; help achieve a broadening of the City’s sustainability culture, including flood hazard/risk reduction, decreased maintenance, improved water conservation, improved water quality, and enhanced community gathering spaces. Wilson & Company’s design guidance provided:

  • Design runoff volume capture equation.
  • Design flow rate capture equation.
  • 21 LID standard details.