Littlewater Chapter House Road

Wilson & Company served as the prime engineering consultant on the Navajo Division of Transportation’s (NDOT) N481/N7119 Littlewater Chapter House Road project. After three years of planning and design, the project broke ground in August 2018, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the finished roadway was held in June 2019. The result was a new two-lane paved roadway from Borrego Pass Road (N48) to the Littlewater Chapter neighborhood entrance. N481 is approximately 1.87 miles long and begins at the intersection of N48 and ends at the intersection of N7119. N7119 is approximately 1.15 miles long and begins at the intersection of N481 and ends at the Littlewater Chapter neighborhood entrance. The N481 and N7119 roadways serve as the only access to the Littlewater Chapter House and the surrounding residential properties. The project reconstructed more than three miles of two existing dirt roadways to improve the driving surfaces, horizontal/vertical geometry, drainage, signing, and overall safety.

Wilson & Company performed a full survey, utility locating, environmental investigations and documentation, drainage study and report, geotechnical investigation, ROW, bidding services, construction administration, and design/plan services, providing NDOT with final construction documents. As the first construction project to be completed using all NDOT personnel, Wilson & Company assisted with construction management and survey staking, collaborating to achieve NDOT’s project goals.

This route provides critical connections to schools, grocery stores, and local housing areas. The improvements made as a result of this project’s completion enhance the safety of the local community by providing better access and more efficient transportation operations.