Musket Corporation Ethanol Rail Unloading

Wilson & Company provided professional engineering and design services to Musket Corporation on their unit train unloading terminal for ethanol and biodiesel in Elmendorf, TX. This project is a repurposing of an existing frac sand facility north of Elmendorf that will utilize 4 of the 5 existing northern ladder tracks for unloading 108 – 60’ ethanol rail cars to a central pump skid. Storage will be in 2 – 80,000 BBL tanks for transfer to a four-truck loading area. Wilson & Company performed civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural design services on the facility. The design incorporated the existing rail track installed at the yard. Ethanol railcar unloading occurs on four existing tracks. Each track has 27 railcar spots for unloading, connected with a 4” hose connection. Each existing track has a new above-ground unload header designed to run parallel to the tracks. Ethanol truck loading will occur over four loadout spots.

Wilson & Company’s experience with similar projects helped to support the detailed engineering and design of this facility.