Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks Master Plan

The Prewitt-Milan Transportation Master Plan (PMTMP) serves as a strategic framework for coordinating the planning and execution of road and rail infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing accessibility to the Prewitt and Milan industrial parks. Additionally, the plan addresses the requirements of other economic development initiatives in adjacent communities. Through a comprehensive analysis of the multimodal transportation system, the PMTMP focuses on bolstering the support for industrial and economic development activities within the corridor linking Prewitt and Milan and neighboring areas like Bluewater and Thoreau.

The primary objectives of the PMTMP include:

  • The examination of the current transportation system
  • Identification of next-step design needs
  • The exploration of opportunities for improvement

The plan aims to outline the necessary funding mechanisms required for the construction of infrastructure essential to accommodate the anticipated economic growth in Northwest New Mexico. By strategically planning and addressing these crucial aspects, the PMTMP strives to pave the way for an efficient transportation network that facilitates the emerging economic boom in the region.