Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks

Wilson & Company provided planning, engineering and architectural design services for the Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks. The award-winning Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks are master-planned developments in northwest New Mexico with direct access to I-40, the BNSF Southern Transcon, and the Grants-Milan Airport. These industrial parks allow for easy access to transportation logistics, low front-end capital investment, development incentives, and a quick space move-in.

These industrial parks’ design plans are technologically advanced, using 3-D renderings and “shovel-ready” plans, including a preliminary spec building design plan. With these plans, a site developer will have increased time and cost savings because the planning and design phase is complete and available for implementation.

The plan supports the shared goals of the NWNMCOG, Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation, Cibola Communities Economic Development Foundation, and the Village of Milan to expand and diversify the regional economic base and create job opportunities for residents. The sites encourage job creation in a region that has recently been beset by economic decline due to changes in the mining and energy industries.

The industrial parks will support a mix of significant energy, logistics, and manufacturing development near the heart of New Mexico. With the addition of these parks comes the expansion of supply chain origins to accommodate the increased demand for products regionally and internationally.

The Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks will provide economic development opportunities for the northwestern communities in New Mexico, provide jobs in a time of need, and support the growing demand for logistics and supply chain facilities throughout the United States. Prewitt and Milan Industrial Parks will strongly support the future success of these communities.