Hero’s Park Regional Multi-Purpose Recreational Complex

The Village of Hatch, a rural town in New Mexico renowned as the “Chile Capital’ of the world, faces typical challenges encountered by many small rural towns, such as a lack of infrastructure, flooding, and pandemic-related business closures. In 2018, Wilson & Company and the Village collaborated to address these issues by developing a strategy to secure grant funding for a multi-purpose recreational flood control facility. This facility is designed to mitigate flooding and incorporate revenue-generating spaces, such as an outdoor performance area and retail spaces.

With the assistance of Wilson & Company, the Village successfully secured over $1.4 million in funding from various sources, including state and federal grants, to plan and design Hero’s Regional Multi-Purpose Recreational Complex. The Complex will serve as a solution to the area’s flooding problems. It will provide a facility that enhances the quality of life for residents and draws visitors from surrounding areas. The planned features of the Complex, including the outdoor performance area, retail space, and splash pad, aim to provide amenities, create job opportunities, and foster economic development within the Village.