I-25 and Fillmore DDI Interchange Improvements

Wilson & Company worked alongside CDOT, providing construction administration on a design to increase access to I-25 and create a separate traffic signal for left turn movements across through traffic on Fillmore Street. The existing tight diamond interchange was at the end of its service life and could no longer sustain the increased travel demands into Colorado Springs.

Construction started on the westbound bridge substructure before weather delays. After two months of inclement weather, the team returned to the original plan of five phases with sub-phases. After discussion and review, the project team decided to streamline the phases of construction that were executed by the closure of Fillmore Street over two weekend periods.

The project Contractor, SEMA, drafted a change proposal resulting in cutting two months of active construction closure to only two-weekend closures. The closure lasted from Friday to Monday morning. While the highway was closed, crews rebuilt the interchange approach to a nearly four-and-a-half-foot grade rise to connect to the new bridge. Sidewalk and curb ramp systems were added in accommodation to the Americans Disability Act requirements, and a median island separation from all thru and ramp turn lane movements.

The public outreach team worked aggressively to get the message out to the community, resulting in few complaints. As a result of strong communication with the community and stakeholders, the team added a Faux Stone veneer along the retaining wall in red color paint to distinguish the island medians per their request.

The project is considered a total success between CDOT and the SEMA team, with outstanding partnering being displayed by both parties. This project is the quintessential example of “Project First” developed by CDOT and the contracting community.