Rio Grande International Bridge

Wilson & Company provided the design of the Kansas City Southern (KCS) Railway International Bridge crossing the Rio Grande River in Laredo, Texas. The Rio Grande International Bridge is a critical link moving commerce between the United States and Mexico. Its design focused on operations and constructability.

The design included a 1,160 ft bridge that crossed the international boundary from the United States to Mexico. It included the design of mass concrete abutments and piers supporting 180-195 ft steel deck plate girders. The total project length is 6,500 ft, with 2,575 ft in the United States and 3,925 ft in Mexico. Two bridges and two retaining walls in Mexico were designed as a part of this project. Wilson & Company also facilitated permit coordination approvals from Mexican and US agencies, including SEMARNAT, SCT, CONAGUA, CILA, INAH, IBWC, USCG, and USACE. All plans were prepared in English and metric units and in English and Spanish languages.