Sanostee Bridge and Roadway Project

This project, located in Sanostee, NM, was completed in August 2022. Wilson & Company teamed with the Navajo Division of Transportation (NDOT) and was tasked with completing final design plans for a 1.25-mile widened and reconstructed roadway. Improvements included a new driving surface, horizontal/vertical geometry, drainage, signing, and overall safety. Due to drainage issues along the corridor, several improvements were developed, including several new CMP crossings and a new bridge to replace a washed-out CMP crossing at the Tsa’alnaozt’I Wash. The proposed bridge was a 100-ft single-span prestressed concrete bridge supported on deep foundations and will provide for a new, safe crossing at this location. The typical section consists of 3-0’ wide shoulders and 2-12’ wide driving lanes. A 42” concrete barrier was placed at each roadway section edge to provide safety barriers for vehicular traffic.

Additional services for this project included geotechnical exploration, environmental, drainage, utility coordination, survey/right-of-way mapping, and ongoing construction management services. The project also requires extensive coordination with the Chapter of Sanostee, NDOT, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA), and the community.