Sustainability Park

Sustainability Park, or S. Park, is a redevelopment in the Curtis Park Neighborhood of Denver, CO. This mixed-use multifamily residential development was created to provide workforce housing that encourages homeowners to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Wilson & Company undertook extensive Right-of-Way (ROW) improvements, converting a private drive into a dedicated right-of-way for 25th Street. This not only expanded the City and County of Denver’s (CCD) public space but also introduced designated parking areas, fostering accessibility and convenience for the community.

Wilson & Company also introduced innovative site improvements by implementing a state-of-the-art detention and water quality facility at the heart of the development. This facility serves a crucial role in managing water resources and also doubles as a green space, contributing to the project’s overall aesthetic and ecological appeal.

Our comprehensive approach extended to grading design for multiple buildings, ensuring seamless integration with the surrounding landscape. Simultaneously, the team crafted utility designs, emphasizing efficiency in every aspect of the development.